Moving Equipment and Machinery Safely

Precision Towing and Flatbed Service offers expedited transportation services at fair rates. With our flatbeds and floats, you don’t have to spend much money on transportation companies.

Construction Materials Transportation

We understand the importance of getting your materials to and from job sites safely and in a timely fashion. Whatever you need moved, there is a good chance we can move it for you. All of our trucks have tilt and load ability so often we can often load or unload at sites where heavy lifting equipment is just not available. Our drivers have plenty of experience with load challenges and we continue to amaze our customers with our problem solving abilities.

Equipment Relocation

We are well-equipped to assist with all types of equipment relocation moves. Our business contracts with various construction companies and rental agencies to transport all types of machinery anywhere in the province.

You can also count on our representatives to find the fairest rates, the quickest ETA, and the most qualified technicians for you.

Give Us a Call, and We’ll Do It All!

Get in touch with us to request any of our equipment transportation services. We hope to get the opportunity to serve you.